Friday, February 16, 2007

Jay Walking

The Broncos picked up the option on Javon Walker yesterday. Potentially securing him for the next 5 years. A no-brainer move, but you have to wonder about the guy's psyche. I hope the fact that he was not only in a limo that got blasted by gunfire, but was allegedly sitting next to Darrent when he died didn't irrepairably damage him (even though he was seen partying in Vegas a few days after it went down - there's no better way to grieve than getting tanked, doubling down on a $10K bet and plowing through coked-out hooker after coked-out hooker).

With Rod really starting to show his age and most likely taking a step down to No. 3 next season and a young, somewhat inconsistent player in Brandon Marshall moving up to No. 2, the Donks really, REALLY need Javon to have a huge year.

Here's to your mental health, buddy.

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