Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Welcome to the Adventures of Hercules Rockefeller! The most handsomest, wittiest, richest, studliest hunk of man candy you're going to run across on these here e-bays.

What is this blog about you ask? Well let me tell you, wise ass. It's another sports related blog focusing primarily on Denver teams. If you're good little boys and girls, I'll toss in some choice tidbits about my job and personal life from time to time.

I'll be talking The Denver Broncos, the Nuggets and I'll hit on stories from other parts of the globe as well. I may touch base with the Rockies occasionally, but only because they play here. I'm a Bay Area baseball guy. That and nobody gives a rat fuck about the Rox anyway.

I'll also be constantly making fun of the Oakland Raiders, even though that's starting to feel like a battle of wits against a guy with down syndrome. Sure, it's kind of fun to kick ass, but you feel dirty afterwards.

I will be ignoring the Scamalanche, the Crush, the Rapids/Arsenal, the Mammoth, etc. Those are fringe sports (yes...even hoc-key) and I wont have any part of them.

I have little patience for fools or incompetence, so don’t come into the AHR talking all that trash. I might just take the elevator down there and get in on that thing. Also, I'm single....ladies.
I'll be updating this blog on firm time, so this will call for some creative billing. Updates may come sparingly, depending on how busy I am saving the world and/or raking in fat stacks of cash.

You'll enjoy it. If you don't, I don’t want any part of you or anything you stand for. I'll sign off for now with a snapshot of the greatest day in the history of sporting events


Bird said...

Hockey is so great but even I am hardly paying attention this season. The stupidest thing that the NHL ever did was to not take what ever little contract ESPN was gonna throw their way. Honestly, after the lockout, it is a better product. Less clutching and grabbing and more goals. Fights and big hits are actually coming back in style but it doesnt matter because no one is turning to Vs. to check it out. The commish is a wanker.

Munpe Q said...

first making fun of bloggers and then you become one. Then you make fun of the brewery tours, and you go to one. What in the hell is happening?