Friday, September 7, 2007

Well, if there aint' going to be any rules, let's get the fight started. Someone count. 1,2,3 - go!

Yes. It's almost time. In 2 days the Donks will begin the 2007 campaign in scenic Buffalo, NY. Questions abound with this squad: Will Jay Cutler be the next John Elway or the next Brian Griese? Will Travis Henry be the next TD or will his brazillion sperm cell count (or an aching knee) slow him down? Can Henry stay healthy over the course of a season? Can Brandon Marshall elevate his game and earn his (idiotic) "Baby T.O." nickname? Can Rod come back and be anything resembling the player he was when he racked up every franchise receiving record in the book? Are Stokely and Scheffler going to be anywhere near 100%? Can the O-Line keep it together now that we're forced to start new guys at 3 of 5 positions? Why did we cut Kyle Johnson again?

Can the D-line get some, any, pressure on the QB? Is Simeon Rice's shoulder still a concern? Can we stop the run? Can DJ adjust to the MLB slot? Can Nate Webster keep his helmet on? Who is Nate Webster? Is Engleberger really starting for us? Are the rookies going the way of Trevor Pryce or are they going the way of Bryant McNeil? Did we blow it by not drafting a Safety in April? Was Dre' Bly worth the straight ca$h, Homey? Is this the year John Lynch over-pursues on a play and snaps his neck looking behind him for the ball-carrier?

You see, there are a lot of questions about this team, but it really comes down to that first one: Is Jay Cutler ready for prime-time? The rest of it is just filler and me worrying like a little girl and whatnot. The Broncos probably aren't going to stop anyone consistently for the next month or so, but who fuckin' cares. Defense is for pussies and Baltimore fans. What's going to be key is, can Cut put together enough drives to get us a minimum of 25 points per game? That's what we need out of him every week. He's going to make a lot of bonehead mistakes, lets just face that fact right now. He's still a basically a rookie, but he's got to be good enough to get us 25 a game. Points, points, points, young man. We're not going to win any 13-3 games this year. Cut is the key.

Is he as good as we (I) think he is? We'll see on Sunday

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