Monday, October 1, 2007

I beg your pardon, what is this? Some kind of a feeble joke?

Same old story 'round here. Same old fuckin' story. Didn't start out that way, but it sure ended the same.

A pathetic second half defensive collapse gave the Colts the blowout win. Great. It looked so promising early on, but Peyton Manning is Payton Manning and the Denver defense is shit. More specifically, the front seven is shit. We got zero pressure on Manning and got pushed around by the O-line so bad there were running lanes so big I could pick up 10 yards.

Something needs to be done and now. I'm officially ready to call the Jim Bates era a failure, and the Donks may be leaning that way too, as evidenced by the benching of Sam Adams and Amon Gordon, the taking away of Engleberger's starting role and the rookie DE's playing extensively at DT. They blew the fucker up, essentially. Blam-o! "The Colts are so good, let's go ahead and abandon the scheme." I don't buy that it was because Indy runs the no huddle and the fat-fucks can't rotate out quick enough or because they basically only run out of the stretch and the fat-fucks can't run without having heart attacks. I do buy that it was because those guys suck.

Anyone else out there miss Gerard Warren, Kenard Lang and Mike Myers?

The linebackers and safeties were a joke yesterday, too. Missed tackles, blown coverages, you name it, there it was. DJ regressed and even the usually solid chin strap hater Nate Webster was terrible, but by far the worst of the bunch was Ian Gold. Several missed tackles, missed assignments and some poor coverage makes him the team LVP.

And the safeties. Jeez. As much as I dislike John Lynch, he needs to get healthy in a hurry. Foxworth and Shoate are terrible in that role. Just terrible, Fox especially. Cargile is a special teams monster and he should get some more playing time in the defensive backfield.

Offensively, we struggled in the red-zone yet again. They dominated the opening quarter and looked unstoppable on the ground, but only wound up with 10 points and only managed 10 more the rest of the way. Henry was excellent in the first half but got banged up and was invisible in the second, Cutler was average (that pick in the third quarter was the game killer), none of the receivers stepped up (we need Javon back immediately). The only positive other than Henry was getting Graham involved in the passing game.

So, they've got a lot to fix....still. Luckily, the division is turning into an even bigger joke than the D-Line. The Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos are all tied for the division lead at 2-2 and with the Chargers shitting the bed yesterday, it's still anyone's game. SD is due to explode on somebody's face, let's hope they suck it up at least another week.

Go Rockies - holy shit on that score, eh? They made the weekend at least somewhat enjoyable.


Commish CH said...

Im thinking 8-8 or maybe 9-7 wins this division. One team goes on a 4-1 run and they could win it.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Agreed. How sad is that?