Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job... you ain't got shit to do!

Fantastic! Another setback! This is exactly what the Donks need right now!

Moronic starting tailback Travis Henry failed yet another drug test and is likely done for the season. He's got the hare-brained scheme to sue the NFL to keep the results of the failed test from being used to suspend him. His grounds?

Henry claims the league violated its substance-abuse policy by not allowing his own experts to be present for testing of his specimen.

That's the definition of baseless right there. Your guy wasn't there to hold your schlong when you peed in the cup? How exactly would having your expert in the room change the outcome of the test? They're not testing your expert, they're testing you. He's got no shot at winning this thing.

The best (most maddening) part of this story?

Henry was scheduled to rotate out of the NFL's drug program on Oct. 1 if he was clean for two years after his last positive test. That would have meant a clean slate for Henry. However, a positive test on or before Sept. 20 - the date he filed the restraining order - would earn him the one-year suspension

You can't wait a couple of weeks to spark up, you fuckin' asshole?

So yeah, the NFL's leading rusher is finished for the season. Hopefully the Donks have some contractual language that allows them to collect some of the $12M in guaranteed money we gave this clown in the offseason.

He's allowed to play until his legal issues and appeals have dried up, but what's the point? He's going to get slaughtered in court, you don't have to work in a law factory to see that. Send him home to his nine illegitimate kids and his hydroponics farm and forget about his stupid ass. Way to literally piss away your career, dipshit.

Selvin Young, come on down! You're the next contestant.

UPDATE: The crux of the legal matter is that Henry's expert wasn't independent and therefore wasn't allowed to be a part of the testing process. Henry is allowed, under the CBA, to have an independent expert at the testing, but instead of using one of the dozen or so independent experts approved by the league and previously given to him, he went ahead and brought his own guy along anyway. The dude wasn't allowed, Henry pissed and the ‘A’ sample tested positive. Now he's saying that the 'B' sample can’t be tested and he actually got a TRO granted in his favor to that effect (which the league successfully overturned due to jurisdictional issues). It's in the hands of a federal labor court judge now.

My knee-jerk take: I'm not going to read the entire CBA for the specific language as to whether or not he's allowed to postpone testing on the date of the test because his expert isn't independent, but it looks pretty clear that he willfully ignored the CBA by bringing a non-independent expert (especially when a sizeable list of independent experts had been previously given to him) and therefore waived any right he had to said expert being present. Christ, this wasn’t Henry’s first drug test. He’s been pissing in a cup probably twice a week for the last two years. My guess is that he knew he wasn’t going to pass and needed something, anything, to give him some kind of shot at saving his career, thus this idiotic crap involving his expert. We'll see what the judge says.

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Hallux Valgus said...

given recent events, and given the fact that I generally prefer the college game and the draft, I'm having a real hard time following this team. I now officially hate Travis Henry.

Commish CH said...

Funny stuff brah. Henry aint gonna have a job soon either, he can chill with Tucker and D-Bo. This season is looking like the Hindenburg. I dont care if thats not how Hindenburg is spelled either,