Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while

I can't believe I'm about to type this, but ass-clown D-Post columnist Mark Kiszla finally got one right. Shannon Sharpe's comments are spot on too...surprisingly.

He's dead on there, that '98 team was one of the best teams ever to play in the NFL. They slaughtered nearly everyone, winning their 14 games by an average of 18 points, including crazy blowouts of the Cowboys, Eagles, Skins and blowout sweeps of the Chargers and Raiders. They won their playoff games 38-3, 23-10 and 34-19. Complete and utter domination.

Most games were over by halftime. They were up so big at the half in that Philly game (35-2 if I recall correctly), the Durango Fox affiliate actually had the balls to switch to a more competitive game. If that squad had been like this years Pats and showed no mercy, they could have easily put up 50 in half a dozen or so of those games. If TD had played in the fourth quarter of at least a couple of those blowouts he could have obliterated Dickerson's single season rushing record (he fell about 130 yds short). Christ, in the Cowboys game he had two TD rushes of over 50 yards in the first quarter. My roommate at the time was a big 'Boys fan and I couldn't even rub it in his face because I kind of felt bad for him. You just shrug your shoulders and say "sorry, man. Nobody can stop this guy. Nobody can stop this team."

Yet, when people talk about the all time great teams, the '98 Broncos aren't even in the discussion. It's the '86 Bears and the '72 Dolphins and '99 Rams and old-timey Browns and Packers. Is it because they lost two straight at the end of the season when there was nothing left to play for? You just saw how much it really matters whether or not you're undefeated in the regular season. Is it because some knuckleheads will tell you that the '98 Vikings were better than Denver that year even though they couldn't beat the idiotic Dirty Birds in the NFC chamionship? Well, that was a good team, but so were the '05 Colts. If you can't win the really important ones...I don't know what to tell you.

I'll take the '98 Donks.

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