Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, hell yeah!

This just in...insanely wealthy men in their mid 20's enjoy having sexual relations with high-end call-girls!

I must say, I am SHOCKED! Shocked to discover that members of the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets and yes, even the Denver Broncos would visit a house of ill repute. Not the Scamalanche though, they're into cocks.

We're the lace on the nightgown,

The point after touchdown,

Yes, we put the spring in D-Town!


Bird said...

Hey..."In 1990, a D.C. Superior Court grand jury declined to file charges against three Washington Capitals hockey players - Neil Sheehy, Dino Ciccarelli and Geoff Courtnall - who had been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in a limousine. The girl had accused the three, and player Scott Stevens, of attacking her during an end-of-the-year team party in a Georgetown alley. Sources close to the investigation said law enforcement officers were certain there had been sexual activity in the limousine, but the grand jury said it did not believe it occurred against the girl's will. "

No need to badmouth hockey players...they like young poontang as well...

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Nice, a rape story.

She probably sucked plenty of hockey cock, she just didn't know who they were. Paul Stastny could spit in my face and yell "I'm Paul Stastny!" and I wouldn't know who he was.

Commish CH said...

If we had to choose Denver athletes who were there, who would we pick?

Bird- And Dino Ciccarelli, Patrick Roy used to absolutely hate that dude in the day.

Bird said...

Word Commish...Patty hated a lot of people and that is one of the reasons I dig him...his unrelenting arrogance

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Lets see...Denny Naegle never pays more than $20 for a BJ, so he's out.

I bet at least half of the Nugs roster was there...and Todd Helton. There's something a little skeevy about him