Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mark Kiszla needs to lay off the bottle

It appears that Mark Kiszla has once again gotten tanked and proceeded to write and file a column.

This bit of brilliance says the Broncos should pull a "shocker" and select Oregon RB Jonathon Stewart with the 12th overall selection this Sat. When I consider that the fact that I haven't seen a mock draft that has Stewart going earlier than 25, and that I've even seen ones that have him slipping to round 2, then yeah, I guess that would qualify as a "shocker." Not to mention "moronic" and/or "brain-dead." Sayeth Kiszla:

So take a running back. Make it Stewart. He's built like a Hummer. He's a load.

Or, if your preference runs more to a Mack truck with a Ferrari gearbox, then the rock-carrier for the Broncos is Rashard Mendenhall of Illinois.

S-M-R-T. What about Travis Henry?

The Broncos cannot really put all their faith and love in veteran running back Travis Henry any more than the nine mothers of his nine children do.

Of course. No column on the Broncos running game would be complete without mentioning Henry's children. It's relevant!

Kiz's case for Mendenhall?

Anybody who saw Mendenhall break a 79-yard touchdown run against Southern California in the Rose Bowl would be tempted to stand up and salute him as the second coming of Terrell Davis

Yes, a single play in a college bowl game is of critical import.

Back to Stewart:

I'm guessing Denver actually favors Stewart, despite the fact recent surgery to correct a turf toe injury will slow his development as a rookie after rushing last season for a school-record 1,722 yards at Oregon

An injured RB that will be slow to develop? An excellent and "shocking" choice!
Kiz finishes up with this:

To change his team's fortune, maybe Shanahan should try something different than blaming a defensive coordinator or making a scapegoat of his quarterback.

What should an old football coach do when his genius is fading to black?

Run to daylight.

The Broncos need a playmaker to get Broncomaniacs buzzing.

Jonathan Stewart? Rashard Mendenhall?

Pick one.

Either way, the Broncos cannot lose.

Yes they can, and if they pick a running back at #12, that's exactly what they'll do. They'll do it often and they'll do it a lot.

Yeah the running game stunk last year. But why did it stink? Did they stink because Travis and Selvin weren't performing? No. It was because the O-Line was a complete joke and because those guys were banged up for a good chunk of the year.

What's more logical? Giving up on Henry and Young and giving a guy with a lingering turf toe injury $15M guaranteed or drafting an OT to help shore up your dilapidated O-Line?

Mark Kiszla, everyone.

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