Sunday, May 25, 2008

Matt Prater apparently sucks like a Dyson

Sheesh. Listen to these dismal numbers from Prater's college career:

Before that, during his days as Brandon Marshall's teammate at Central Florida, he missed 12 out of 27 attempts from 30 to 39 yards. Strange as it seems, he was better from long distance, nailing 20 out of 30 attempts from 40 yards and beyond, including one from 53.

Yikes! Those are not confidence building numbers right there. He also missed 3 of 4 during his short stint with Atlanta before being summarily dismissed.

I've said before that NFL kickers should be automatic on everything inside 40 yds, with the odd hook, slice or block once or twice a season. They shouldn't miss roughly 45% of said kicks. His numbers from beyond 40 aren't exactly stellar either.

Kid's got a cannon leg, but if the accuracy isn't there, qui gives a shit how strong his leg is?

What does the man in charge have to say about this?:

"We don't plan on kicking field goals," he said. "We're going to score touchdowns. I hate kicking field goals anyhow. Maybe we got a little too secure with Jason around. If we score touchdowns, we won't have to worry about it."

Nice. Way to look at the big picture, coach.

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