Monday, May 19, 2008

Practice, practice, practice

Wow, something tangible and relevant is actually happening in Broncoland.

That's right kids. It's time for the first OTA of the offseason. The Donks are styling it as a "quarterback camp," but since everyone is participating, that moniker seems ridiculous.

Anyway, this is it. This is the first time this year that the boys will be strapping on their helmets and shoulder pads and stuffing their enormous genitalia into jock-straps.

Here are the keys to this months OTA:

1) Please, for the love of jebus crisco, nobody get seriously hurt. OK? For me? Getting hurt in an OTA puts you behind the curve in training camp, which puts you behind the curve in pre-season games, which puts you behind the curve during the first month of the season, etc., etc. Just ask Tony Scheffler. Breaking a foot in the first OTA of last season essentially ruined his sophomore campaign. He was supposed to be one of Cut's top targets last year, but turned out to be basically an afterthought.

2) There is no two.

You want to get your guys on the field, see how they look, see how they're recovering from injuries, make sure they didn't pack on an extra 100 lbs over the winter, make sure your coaches still know how to blow a whistle, etc.

You can't win the Super Bowl in May, but you can certainly lose it.

Please, please, one get hurt.

UPDATE: Someone got hurt.

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Hercules Rockefeller said...

I know he got hurt before the camp opened, but that doesn't do much for the comedic timing of the update, so you can just go suck it, mister.