Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Woody Paige, spitting truths

I know I pick on Woody a lot around here, but I can't resist this one.

In today's nonsensical, goofball column our old pun-addled friend sums up his entire career in one sentence fragment:

Of course, I'm a blithering buffoon

Yes, yes you are. At least you're aware of it.


Bird said...

I dont get the paper so i dont read Mr. Paige except for random links from your blog. I cant even complete the articles. He is so horrible. The bad jokes and the puns, and the really bad writing. Fuck, it is too much and I dont know how the DP keeps him employed. Do people actually enjoy this stuff?

Hercules Rockefeller said...

People still actually "get the paper"?

I think he'll eventually get a buyout like everybody else. He's more of a TV clown than a print clown now.

Go take a look at some of the message boards, there are some people out there that love him. Morons, I say.

Commish CH said...

yo, Im not gonna front, back as the young Commish I patterned some of my writing after Woody's. And when he had a show on KKFN it was funny stuff (mid90s) But as he got to NYC and ESPN, he almost became a caricature of himself.

Not sure if he'll ever leave DP though, he's been around for 30+ years. They would have to find the right replacement (read: Denver native) to fill in.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Shit, I used to like Woody, too.

I started disliking him after the "Jagwads" column back in early '97.

I started hating him with every fiber of my being the first time I saw him on ATH.