Friday, June 27, 2008

We are through the looking glass here, people

Last Saturday, perhaps the greatest email I've ever received came rollin' into the 'Snorts virtual inbox. Who was it from? What did it say?

Well, it was from someone passing along a great story on their blog about Mike Anderson and an autograph-seeking kid from 2001.

Here's what got me all a-twitter, though. The author was a former Senior Director of Marketing Communications for the Denver Broncos.

From the email:

I actually got the news about Mike’s suspension from my RSS feed to your blog. I always enjoyed Orange Bucksnorts when I worked for the Broncos – it was one of the fan blogs we read regularly -- and I still enjoy it.

Ho-lee shitballs. Never in a million years would I have thought that someone who draws a paycheck from the Broncos would ever come within sniffing distance of this little slice of the internet. I average between 125 and 150 hits a day. To think that a few of those are coming from inside Dove Valley is completely and utterly mind-boggling.

If anyone down there really is reading this, you should level out the area on the west side of the field where fans sit during training camp and put in some small bleachers. I know you don't REALLY want fans there, but you're letting us in, so don't destroy our backs by making us sit on 60 degree slopes. Thanks.

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