Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ticket Day? Success!

Oh, yeah. Nailed it for NO, Jax, Oak and Buffalo. Section 511 for NO and the stupid Raiders. I've sat in 511 twice and never lost there, so we've got that going for us. I'm in 522 for Jax. Never sat there. Unfortunately, I'm all the way up for each game. I'll be down in 113 in the north end zone for Week 16 against Buffalo. We should have home-field advantage locked up by then, but just in case we need it, I wanted to be close for it. Never been in 113 either, but I did see a certain puppy killing QB killing horses on his way to 115 rushing yards in a Bronco beatdown while seated angrily in section 114.

Half-priced tix go on sale at 1pm and you can buy them online now, so Miami shouldn't be a problem. Previously you could only get them on the phone and it was such a nightmare last year that I wound up blowing it off.

Ticketmaster worked beautifully except that their usurious "convenience charge" went up a dollar and the tickets themselves are up yet another $6 across the board. Oh well, it's Ticket Day!

UPDATE: Miami was a cake-walk. Down way low, in 101


Crosshare said...

I'm a section 509er Herc, we should rock it this year!

Munpe Q said...