Friday, July 25, 2008


A throw-away line about Brandon Marshall in Adam Schefter's latest column over at has me a little concerned:

Marshall is facing a four-to-eight game suspension for a pattern of conduct the NFL does not approve

8 games? 8 games? Half the season? Seriously, is this a joke?

Tank Johnson got 8 games. Chris Henry got 8 games. Albert Haynesworth got what? 5 or 6 games for stomping on a guys face? You're going to give Brandon Marshall half the season off for a DUI, a domestic thing that went nowhere and a traffic ticket? That's ridiculous.

I'm going to say it one more time. Roger Goodell's personal conduct policy is more likely than not illegal. At some point, someone HAS to sue. An insane 8 game suspension for Brandon Marshall sounds like a good place to start. It's a slippery slope, NFL players. One of these days you're going to wake up and someone's going to get 4 games off for spitting on the sidewalk. Get control of it now. Spin up your lawyers.

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Garrett Barnes said...

Badell is on a quest to destroy the NFL. The man is crazy and is the worst commish I have ever seen. I spent like 3 hours trying to cool down my article on him.

Ian said...

Haha @ Badell...

I think Marshall may get off with no suspension. So does Reggie Rivers and as you know, whatever Reggie Rivers says, Goodell does...