Monday, August 18, 2008


Quick Good, Bad and Ugly on the win over Big D. Speaking of "Big D" why the hell does Dallas get that moniker? Fuck Dallas.


Jay Fucking Cutler. That's about as good as a quarterback can play. 80% completion rate so far. Very excited about Cut this year.

Andre Hall. Made a very serious case for the starting job. Runs harder than Selvin. Selvin was pretty good on Sat. too, but Hall is very, very hard to tackle. He's been the best kick returner too.

Eddie Royal. I haven't sung his praises like everyone else in the blogosphere, mostly because I remember how high everyone was on Marcus Nash and Darius Watts. Great hands, good concentration. He got leveled on a semi-dangerous pass from Cut, but took the hit and hung on to the ball. Nice game.

Brandon Stokley is still the best slot receiver in football. Perfect routes. Almost always open.

O-Line was much improved, especially Ryan Clady.


Patrick Ramsay still sucks assholes. Dude is TERRIBLE. I'd rather have Vinny Testeverde's corpse out there taking snaps.

Wesley Woodyard came back to earth a little bit.

D-Line is still not getting any pressure on the QB at all. The run-D was better, especially in the middle, but still needs a lot of work.

Prater has missed two kicks in two games. Don't give me any shit about a high-snap either. High snaps are going to happen. Palescu go the hold down. No reason for him to miss that kick at the end of the half.


Penalties, penalties, penalties. Including three in a row on one series backing the Donks back up inside the five. Of course that drive ended 95 yards later on a TD pass to Brandon Marshall, but still. Sloppy.

Rookie CB Jack Williams picked off a pass late in the game and had an open track to the house, only he got tripped up from behind by whoever the Dallas QB was. I'm sure he caught hell for that in the locker room.

All in all a pretty good job. The first team O looked really good on the first two series and the first team bent, but didn't break. Solid effort.


Bobby said...

No fucking way....

Commish CH said...

what do you think Hackeny v Ramsey in the final preseason game for #2?

Just dont understand what happened to Ramsey, he seems the PERFECT #2 a couple years back.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

I'm not a huge fan of Hackney either, but Ramsey has been awful. Yeah, he seemed like a good choice at the time. What's Steve Beuerlein up to?