Thursday, September 4, 2008


OUT: Cecil Sapp, FB

The Rocky Mountain News eventually got it right. Today the Donks reached an injury settlement w/ Cecil Sapp and then kicked his ass to the curb. No word on whether or not he stole the contents of Peyton Hillis' locker on his way out.

I was under the impression that you couldn't waive a guy from IR, regardless of whether or not a settlement was reached. Guess I was way off-base on that count.


OUT: Alvin McKinley, DT.
IN: Josh Shaw, DT
IN: Dylan Gandy, OT
IN: Roderick Rogers, S (Practice Squad)

Shaw was essentially a swap for McKinley (which is like swapping genital warts for the clap), and Gandy filled the spot that Foxworth vacated.

The roster is finalized (for the most part) and the NFL season started 45 minutes ago. Good. Times.

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