Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cut me a switch, Lane

'Cause we're gonna to beat your ass with it.

Here's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from the 41-14 prison rape of the Oakland Raiders. It's ok though, most Oakland fans are familiar with prison rape. For most of them, it's the only kind of love they'll ever experience.


Everything about the Denver O. Seriously, they haven't clicked like that since '98. Everything worked. Everything.

Shanny's got his play-calling swagger back. He turned Cut loose in the red zone, threw out of running formations, switched everything up really well. He had Oakland bamboozled all night long.

Eddie Royal is a man. He's 22! What an insane game for the kid. He made DeAngelo Hall look like Dominique Foxworth in the '05 AFC Championship. Brandon, who?

I think that any argument about who is the best QB from the '06 draft class is pretty much over, right? He had what...three bad throws all night?

O-line gave Cut all night long to throw. Pretty good w/ the run blocking too. Solid.

The D was ok...not great or even good, but OK. They have some serious work ahead of them this weekend. Pressure on the QB was better, but they looked soft against the run again, especially on the right side.


The Oakland Raiders. Oh man, are they bad. Typical Raider-type (read: cheapshot) penalties, dropped passes, terrible line play on both sides of the ball, etc. They're beyond awful. I don't know how anyone picked them to finish ahead of KC.

Mike Ditka. Seriously, gang. Get this loud-mouth, defeatist fuck-stick off my TV.

There isn't a single player on Denver that you can really point a finger at and say "you have to get better." Marquand Manual is a little soft in coverage, but that's about it.


Oakland Raiders fans. I think you can fit some more skulls on that stupid get-up there, Violator.

Not a lot for those last two categories, eh? It's all good. All of it.

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