Monday, September 1, 2008

Keep moving!

Donks is still wheelin' and dealin'.

IN: S, Calvin Lowry. Claimed off waivers from Tenn. Never heard of him? Neither have I.

OUT: S, Roderick Rodgers. Yeah.

IN: QB, Darrell Hackney (Practice Squad). "He'll never clear waivers!" the maniacs shouted. Uh yes, he will. He's not very good.

IN: S, Josh Barrett (PS). "No way in hell will 31 teams pass this guy over!" the clinically insane proclaimed. Uh, yes he will. He's also not very good...yet.

IN: G, Mitch Erickson (PS). Who the hell is Mitch Erickson?

IN: DT, Steven Harris (PS). OK

IN: WR, Travis Wilson (PS). Claimed off waivers from Cleveland. Never heard of him.

IN: DE, Ryan McBean (PS) Claimed off waivers from Pitt. Again. I've never heard of him, but apparently he played at CU, so bully for him.

IN: RB, PJ Pope (PS). Claimed off waivers from Chicago, who has perhaps the worst running game in the league. Oh well. His name is PJ Pope. Pope of the PJ's!

One more slot on the PS is open. Seems like we should get probably get a DB in there.

Also, word round the campfire is that Dominique Foxworth is on his way out of town via trade. Of course, this comes from Bill Williamson, so who the hell knows. He does quote Fox in the piece though, so maybe it's true. We won't get more than mid-round pick or another middling player under similar contractual circumstances for him. "He's worth two first rounders!" the lunatics will yell. They will be wrong, of course.

Also, the Patriots pretty much proved what I've been saying all along, which is that John Lynch is a pretty crappy football player at this point in his career. They did sign former Donk Deltha O'Neal though, so they've got that going for them.

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