Sunday, September 14, 2008

An open letter to KCNC-4, Denver

Dear Assholes,

What the fuck makes you think that the fine, relatively intelligent citizens of Denver have any interest whatsoever in watching the "game" between Oakland and Kansas City simply because it's an AFC West game?

Nonsense. You're forcing me to watch a nearly equally unwatchable Carolina-Chicago tilt.

I think I can speak for the whole city when I say, here are some games we'd rather see:


That's every other game you've got this morning. Yes, We'd rather even see Tennessee and Cincy. That's how horrifingly god awful KC-Oakland is. No one want's to see this on-field abortion they've got going on over in the flat state.

Get bent, jerks.

The City and County of Denver


Kyle said...

I feel absolutely no sympathy. I've got Dolphins-Cardinals instead of Broncos-Chargers this afternoon.

I live two fucking hours away from Phoenix but we don't have a local CBS affiliate so get buttraped by Cardinals football. IT'S THE FUCKING CARDINALS VS. THE FUCKING DOLPHINS

Who the hell buys 1000 Cardinals tickets? Jeebus help me.

Hercules Rockefeller said...


I'm surprised they're still selling out. even w/ the new stadium.

Garrett Barnes said...

Living in San Fran means that I get all the Raiders and niners games but the niners always have blackouts. I feel like shooting myself whenever I turn on the T.V but we do always have the great "opportunity" of watching another game that is not local. Sounds great huh? Guess what it was?! The freakin' Falcons Bucs game!!!!! Like anyone cares!!!!!!! I had to buy a damn $300 directv just to watch the Broncos game. God almighty!