Monday, September 29, 2008


You play this poorly, you don't get Josey Wales Clint or Dirty Harry Clint, you get pussy-ass Bridges of Madison County Clint. Here's The Good The Bad and The Ugly from the 33-19 prison rape at the hands of KC.


Hmm....lets see.... I guess Eddie Royal had a pretty good game. Although he did fumble the ball early...leading to a KC I guess he wasn't really THAT good.

What else?

What about...? Nope.

I got nothing.


Every single facet of that fucking nightmare game.

The O couldn't get on track against KC's terrible D.

Jay Cutler still occasionally makes absurdly terrible decisions w/ the football. He threw picks on consecutive throws for fucks sake. The second one was just terrible. Typical play action roll-out to Cut's left. Scheffler is WIDE FUCKING OPEN down the middle and Cut tries to go all the way across the field to Marshall, who was doubled up. Easy pick. Just a brainless throw.

The running game was non-existant.

The O line was awful.

The D couldn't stop anyone when it needed to. Seriously, doesn't it seem like opponents are converting on third down at a 95% clip? Get a fucking stop.

Larry Johnson went for nearly 200 yards.

Someone named Damon Huard looked like Len Dawson in his prime. Dre Bly will now be known as Dre Blight around these parts.

We gave up huge kickoff returns. KC's average starting position was their own 47. Forty Seven!

The Deliverance Kid shanked a 30 yarder (he did hit from 51 and 56 later in the game, though).

Britt Kern yaked a punt about 20 yards.

So yeah, this game fucking sucked dingleberried assholes. If you turn the ball over four fucking times on the road, you're going to lose. Period. You'll even lose to a team that hadn't won a game for nearly a full calender year and had averaged 11 measly points so far this season. They flat-out weren't ready to play.


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