Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tatum Bell will jack your Samsonite

In what might be one of the goofiest stories I've ever heard, former Donk and recently waived Lion RB Tatum Bell is being accused of swiping Rudi Johnson's luggage from the Lions facility.

Awesome, right? Of course, the item is from one of that weird looking little weasel Mike Florio's "reliable sources," so it has to be taken with not a grain, but a ton of salt.

I hope it's true. I really do. The thought of Tatum Bell lifting Johnson's luggage as some childish act of revenge is frickin' sweet as hell.

Of course, after he swiped the bags and took off running, a well-placed potted fern was able to bring Tatum down for a two yard loss.

UPDATE: Kyle over at BT made a similar joke earlier this morning. His was about Bell fumbling the bags, but it's essentially the same thing. Hats off.


Commish CH said...

did he key his car too? Prank phone calls? Flaming bag of dog sh*t on the porch?

(started an NFL Pick Em on Yahoo
id= 19230
password= beer
all Bucksnortians are welcome to join)

Hercules Rockefeller said...

I'm in.