Tuesday, September 23, 2008


OUT: Hamza Abdullah, S

In a move that shocks absolutely everyone, the Donks waived Hamza Abdullah and added some out of work safety named Vernon Fox, most recently of the Redskins.

OK...I don't get it. This guy was an up-and-coming player, a star in the making. Yeah, he hurt himself early on and missed most of camp. And yeah, when he finally came back he looked fatter and slower and more hesitant. And sure, he was a healthy scratch the last two games, while some guy named Calvin Lowry was receiving a ton of playing time. But dammit, Hamza was the most feared hitter in these parts since Kenoy Kennedy. And jesus, he can't be any worse than Lowry or Manual at this point can he? Oh well.

I for one will miss the bone jarrin', helmet rattlin' Hamza.


jonahsilas said...

right on herc. finally someone else who, like me, thought abdullah was the real deal. maybe shanny don't like the fragile and perennially injured.

Commish CH said...

Im gonna have to be the dissenting view guys, I thought Hamza was playing like dog crap the last two games. Then again, EVERY safety has played like crap. Welcome to you, Mr Fox, time to step up.