Sunday, October 5, 2008

Always tough

Our old "friend" Brian Greisespoon is back in town.

The same guy who mentally couldn't deal with replacing John.

The same guy who tripped over his dog, fell down some stairs and knocked himself out of a couple of games. (Real story: drunk)

The same guy who tripped in TD's driveway during a party and knocked himself unconscious (Real story: flat out decked by someone on his own team)

Tampa always plays us tough. Always. 12-9 or 14-12 games are the norm. This will be the best D we've played so far this season. They're turnover machines. Cut HAS to make smart decisions and HAS to have a big game if we're going to have any shot.

On the other side of the ball...well, I've got no answers. Try not to be completely shitty. Gries-pit is bound to help us out by sucking ass. He has so little heart and is so weak mentally that you just know he'll fold in a game he should be up for.

We'll see what happens. Kickoff is less than seven hours away.

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