Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here we go again.

I don't know if I'm ready, to be perfectly honest. I'm not liking our chances tonight. Lets do the math:

Short week + road game + internal team griping + no running game + pouty QB + massive injuries to a shit D = 4 game losing streak.

Even though the Browns just benched their QB in favor of the dancing queen you see above, it probably won't matter. Look for a bunch of Quinn-Otto Graham and Quinn-Bernie Kosar comparisons in the Cleveland papers tomorrow. Just throw the eight yard out route all day long, kid. You'll rack up Chad Pennington type numbers.

That's the type of shit that happens to this team. Jamal Lewis will look like pre-federal prison Jamal Lewis. Braylon Edwards will suddenly develop Biletnikoff hands. Backups play like starters. Fuckin' soldiers play like actual fuckin' soldiers. Romeo Crenell turns into Vince Lombardi, etc. Everybody gets better when they play the Donks.

Do we have a chance? Sure. Any given Thursday and all that. Maybe Cut plays like he did in Week 1. Maybe this PJ Pope kid is Barry Sanders, Jr. Who the fuck knows?

I'd lay the 3 though.

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