Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice going, losers

Way to show a ton of heart out there, you fucking pussies. Inspirational. Here's the GBU from yesterdays on-field abortion. I don't even know the final score because I was out of there after Cut threw that pick at the start of the fourth. I know they got at least 31 on us.

Brandon Stokley. Guy's a goddamn first down machine. He ALWAYS comes up with the twelve yard catch on thrid and ten or the seven yard catch on third and six. ALWAYS.

Everyone else, including but not limited to:

Matt Prater - After a killer start, has proven to be pretty fucking below average. Missing kicks inside the forty is unacceptable, and this fucker does it all the time. Zero touchbacks in the last two games.

Jay Cutler - One week he looks like Elway the next like Brian Griese. Poor decisions, poor throws. He is this fucking team and when he sucks everyone else sucks.

Brandon Marshall - leading the league in dropped passes.

Peyton Hillis - You cannot fumble inside the five fucking yard line.

Eddie Royal - Key drop on a Cutler deep throw.

Dre Bly - someone has to take the heat for letting their receivers run all over the field on us. You're the guy.

Jeremy Bates - Terrible game plan. Running the ball out of the shotgun is kind of like a trick play. It should be somewhat of a surprise. When I'm sitting at the top of the stadium and I know we're running out of that formation, believe me, everyone else knows too.

Getting humiliated by Ashley fucking Lelie.



Commish CH said...

The further we go, it looks like 8-8 and the winner of the Dec 28 game wins this thing.

Phony Gwynn said...

Sounds about right, Commish.

At some point, "Master"mind, you gotta get these kids ready to play every week. And if they can't get pumped up to beat the snot out of a shitty Raiders team, at home no less, then, well, I've got little hope for anything.