Monday, November 17, 2008

Spencer Larsen is from the fifties

Big time win. Here's the GBU from the 24-20 victory in a rematch of SB XXXIII.


Spencer Larsen. Started at FB and MLB yesterday. First guy since '03 to start both ways in an NFL game (and first non-lineman to do it in god knows how long). He wasn't great on either side of the ball (much better at LB), but anytime a guy does Clint Eastwood tough-guy shit like that he's going to get some props from me.

Jay Cutler. He threw a mistake free game. I saw one throw that shouldn't have been made (the force to the guy in the flat a couple of plays before the winning TD). That's it. JC saves...again.

Tatum Bell. Didn't get a lot of carries and he did fail to convert on 3rd and 1 early in the game, but he personally put the game away on the last drive. Speaking of which, why the fuck were we running plays after taking over on downs w/ 52 seconds left on the clock? They had 2 TO's left. If Denver takes three knees and punts, Atl gets the ball back w/ less than 10 seconds left. I'd personally rather see that scenario than see Fumble Drill get three consecutive carries w/ the game on the line. But he got it done, though.

The D-Line. Excellent against the run. Held Michael Turner to less than 4 yards a carry. And he needed two long runs to get to that. They got good penetration and forced Turner wide, where our speedy linebackers cleaned it up with some of the best tackling they've made all year. Still struggling to generate a pass rush, though.

Eddie Royal. Huge kickoffs. Key receptions. This kid is really, really good.

Wesley Woodyard. Why hasn't he been starting all along? He's not great in pass coverage, but nobody on this team (save Champ) tackles better than Wood.

Kevin Harlan. The best pre-snap play-by-play guy in the league. He actually gives you personnel packages (other than "Broncos in the nickel"). He gives you substitutions, offensive formations, etc. He's excellent. Not even the douche-tastic Rich Gannon brings him down.


I know some of you like Jamie Winborn's enthusiasm and his attempts to fire up his teammates, but I can't stand the fucker. To wit: Under 2 min left, Falcons are down 4 and driving, 2nd down. Ryan throws a mind-numbingly bad pass right to Winborn. It hits him in stride and right in the hands. He drops it. Of course the Falcons pick up the first down on the next play. Now it's first and ten. Winborn streaks through and drops Turner behind the line. Nice play. Normally (I guess) worthy of hooting and hollering and jumping around like a jackass, but he dropped the game clinching pick two fucking plays earlier! What the fuck, man? You should be thanking your lucky fucking stars that Tyson Clabo picked up that late holding call. If Atl comes back and wins that game, it's 100% Winborn's fault. I can't stand the guy. He jaw-jacks on every single play. Every single one. Whether he's involved or not. Irritating.

The secondary is still a joke. Our inability to get off the field on third down is really frustrating. 3rd and 1, 3rd and 15, it doesn't matter. They're picking up the first.

Elvis Dumerville. Only in on obvious passing plays. Probably a smart decision, considering he's the worst D-Lineman against the rush in the NFL.

Niko Koutouvides. What a waste of a signing that guy was. A rookie FB took his job. The same job he was supposed to beat out Nate Webster's helmet for. Terrible.


Matt Prater's ink. I hope he wears sleeves the rest of the way. That shit reminds me of Sauerdoughbrun.

San Diego lost to Pitt yesterday, giving us a 2 game lead in the division. Is this ugly? No, but I've got nothing else for this secton. The weather was pretty ugly, though.

They're slowly turning it around on D. Hopefully they only get better.

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Phony Gwynn said...

You should've heard me scream after he dropped that pick. My fucking grandfather could have caught that ball, and he's been dead for fourteen years.