Monday, December 8, 2008

Eight is Enough

The Donks finally won a home game, finally beat a team they should have beaten and finally won a game that I was in the house for. Here's the GBU from the 24-17 nail-biter.


Jay Cutler. Dr. Jay Jeckyl-Cutler = Denver win. Mr. Jay Hyde-Cutler = Denver loss. Yesterday was Dr. J-C. He usually doesn't bounce back from early mistakes and that pick-six was a GIANT mistake. I honestly thougth it was over right there. He got it together though and was nearly flawless the rest of the way. Pinpoint control.

Peyton Hillis. That kid was starting to look like the real deal. Unfortunately, he also makes the ugly list.

O-Line. Cut had a ton of time on most of his throws and Hillis and Tatum had more giant holes to run through. Overall, the most improved unit on the squad from last year. These guys are really good.

Wesley Woodyard. Thanks for those six games as a Bronco, Boss. Now pack your shit and get the fuck out. Layin' Woodyard is a monster.


Matt Prater. You better start making some fucking kicks over 40 yards, son. Otherwise, you'll be back in that swamp, strummin' your banjo.

Pass Rush. I think we got one sack late in the game. I know that shit is more important later on and all, but Thigpen had zero pressure on him until that point.

Kick coverage units. They did not have a good game. For a second, I thought that was Dante Hall out there in those stupid red clown pants.

Peyton Hills to the IR. Tore a hammy on a beautiful catch. That leaves Tatum Bell and PJ Pope as the last standing RB's. Expect Shanny to sign another no-name RB off the street this week. Can I say it now? Selvin Young is fucking finished in this town. All of his talk about 2K yards and making the Pro Bowl was clearly his audition for the next season of Last Comic Standing. If you can't go more than a couple of games without getting hurt and missing six more, you're worthless to everyone.

Hillis hurts a little more than the others, because he really has been our best back so far this season.

Officiating. When Herm Edwards is actually fucking winning challenges left and right, you guys are clearly not doing your job well.

All in all, it wa a good win against a shit team. Now all we need is one more W and we've got a home playoff game. And we don't even need that! All it takes is for SD to shit the bed one more they've done all season and we're in.


Phony Gwynn said...

Hammy off the bone. Seriously, the Broncos' RBs may be the most injury-depleted unit in football history.

And man do I love me some Wesley Woodyard. That kid is for real.

Phony Gwynn said...

By the way, I haven't seen this anywhere else even though it's so obvious, but we can call TB "Tatum Bellhop," right?

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Bellhop it is.