Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is this the right move?

The knee-jerk answer is no. Shanny has been the tanned leather face of this franchise for my entire adult life and nobody likes change. The Offense was at times downright scary last year and he probably should have been given another shot (or two) at a title run with a very young and very explosive team.

But looking a little deeper at this season, someone HAD to take the fall for the horrible D that got worse at the end of the year, the 14 point loss in KC, the 34 point drubbing in NE, the 21 point embarrassment against Oakland and the bed-shitting of epic proportions that took place down the stretch.

According to Legwold, Bowlen was more than willing to let him stick around providing he kicked Slowik's ass to the curb. Shanahan apparently refused, leading to his ouster.

Now why would Shanny do this? That little weasel Florio over at PFT speculates that Shanny engineered his own firing so he could wind up with the SD job (which isn't even open). PFT flat out makes up shit and calls it a rumor, but Shanny hasn't had any problems bagging D coordinators in the past, so maybe there are some legs to this. If it is the case and he winds up with the fucking Chargers, Shanny will be PNG around these parts like a certain former wideout is.

If the D had been simply bad this year instead of buttfuckingly awful, Shanny would still be the coach. Plain and simple. But it wasn't and he's not.

It's not the end of the world, though. Everyone gets fired. Even Tom Landry got fired. Remember the outcry when Dan Reeves got axed? That worked out pretty well for us eventually.

Maybe next year with all of the turnover in the coaching staff, we're not as competitive as we could be, but three straight .500 seasons and one playoff win in a decade is cause for firing, even for a HOF coach.

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