Friday, February 27, 2009



Running backs to be more specific. Not satisfied with the Selvin Young-Ryan Torrain-Andre Hall-Michael Pittman-Tatum Bell-PJ Pope-some other guys nine-headed monster, Coach Sugar Smacks is planning on bringing in Correll Buckhalter and JJ Arrington as his first FA visits.

OK. Not a Buckhalter fan (Fuck Nebraska), but Arrington is intriguing. Buried behind a shit O-Line in Phoenix and then later buried behind Edge James and Hightower. I think he could be pretty good here.

Still though...RB's? That's your top FA priority? Half of the field is in total disarray and we're leading w/ backs and Jabar Gaffney? Not sure I get that one. Especially Gaffney.

I hope you kids know what you're doing.

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Commish CH said...

Herc, you wrote one of the basic tenets of life : "Fuck Nebraska" Thank you for that.

Not sure what Young Lad is doing here, but he's still in the honeymoon period.