Monday, March 16, 2009


Fuck it. Trade his ass.

There's been too many hurt feelings, too much crying and emo whining, too many exasperated sighs and razor blades to the thighs.

I'm tired of it. Let him go. Let him pout like a little fucking bitch and make a bunch of brain-dead throws in Minnesota or Tampa or wherever.

This shit will never end if he stays. You'll hear about it every time someone mentions his name. Every time the Broncos play it'll be "Disgruntled Broncos QB" Jay Cutler. They'll run a dozen features on it, and he'll be counting down the days until he becomes a FA, throwing nonsense interceptions the entire way. Does anyone want that?

We're going to suck ass next year anyway, may as well be epically bad, right? Maybe get a first overall out of it?

Does anyone out there still think benching Plummer in '06 was the right decision?

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Commish CH said...

funny if Plummer wasn't benched the fortunes of the franchise changes. We probably make the playoffs...Cutler gets another year to study...Shanny is probably still here...the world has to wait for a world glass handball player ...or is it raquetball?

((For anyone interested- I got a Yahoo Tourney Hoops going. Details over at the SG.))