Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally some good news

That's right, everybody. The Donks are going to trot out the sweet-ass 1960 throwbacks you see above for two "Legacy Games" that the eight original AFL teams will play this/next season (against each other). The other seven original AFL teams include our entire division, Buffalo, Tenn. (Houston), NYJ and NE.

Now, these uniforms are widely considered to be one of the worst uniforms of all time in any sport. Let's see where Uniwatch had them ranked in his "Hall of Shame" back in 2003:

1. Denver Broncos, 1960-61. Most AFL teams were cash-strapped when the league got off the ground, but only the Broncos were frugal enough to use recycled unis, salvaged from the previous year's NCAA Copper Bowl game. Whatever the financial savings were, it wasn't worth it. The vertically striped socks made the team look like clowns (the socks were eventually burned in a big bonfire when the team got new unis in 1962), and the brown-on-yellow color scheme is an enduring reminder that chocolate and mustard are two great tastes that do not taste great together.

Pffffftttttt. Fuck that noise. These puppies are awesome! Take your vertical stripe hatred somewhere else, Lukas. Besides, you haven't even sniffed terrible uniforms until you've seen the Southern California Sun of the long-defunct World Football League. Woof!

Kudos to Bowlen for showing some balls and not going with the ones we wore in '94. Now, those things were awful.

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