Monday, April 27, 2009

Selective Service (2009)

(sigh) Let's take a look:

1. Knowshown Moreno, RB - Georgia

Everyone says he's the best RB in the draft. Fine. I don't like the pick. Not with the problems we had on D, and not with only four defensive players off the board at that point. Bowlen always pushes for a running back, so this might be a "Hey, sorry I ran your franchise QB out of town. Let me make it up to you." pick. It's called overvaluing of the least stable position on the field. Best part of this pick: Moreno's girlfriend's ass-crack.

1. Robert Ayers, DE/LB - Tenn.

No problems with this pick whatsoever. Mike Mayock nearly ejaculated into his pants when he was talking about Ayers. Question is, is he an OLB or a DE in the new 3-4? Either way, Mayock will be watching.

2. Alphonso Smith, CB - Wake Forest

I've got nothing against the kid, but we gave up the 2010 first round pick we got in the former QB deal to grab this guy. That's a steep, steep price. Coach Pyle had him as the top CB in the draft, so from Pyle's perspective, it's a great move. From everyone else's's a stretch. Oh, and he's 5'9."

2. Darcel McBath, S - Texas Tech

Again, I don't know this kid from Adam, but Kiper was absolutely killing the Broncos for this pick. Killing them. McBloodbath. I seem to recall us having a bunch of problems on the D-Line last year. Is that right?

2. Richard Quinn, TE - NC

This is the most indefensible pick in the draft. A fucking complete waste of this pick and our entire third round. We already have one of the best blocking TE's in the league. We already have Tony Scheffler (who may stick around for a little while - if Coach Pyle is to be believed), one of the best receiving TE's in the league. We also already have Jeb Putzier, who is the exact same player as Scheffler. I don't understand why you give up TWO third rounders to move up and take this guy (who you could have had in the fifth (if Kiper/McShay/Mayock are to be believed). No idea. None. It's mind-boggling.

4. David Bruton, S - Notre Dame

Another pick, another non-D Lineman. And approximately the 20th safety Pyle's brought in this offseason.

4 Seth Olsen, G - Iowa

Another pick, another non-... you get the picture.

5. Kenny McKinley, WR - South Carolina

A wideout? Seriously?

6. Tom Brandstater, QB - Fresno State

We've finally found the next John Elway!

7. Blake Schlueter, C - TCU

If you're counting at home, that's five second day picks and four offensive players taken.

I'm not happy with this draft. Shanahan was a terrible drafter, too, but at least the positions that he drafted made sense. He just didn't take the right player.

Ayers aside, he ignored the front seven, which was the weakest part of the fucking team last year. What happened this weekend made little sense to me. But what the fuck do I know?

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