Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks, chum......ps

The NFL Network and Comcast finally worked out their little hissy fit and agreed on a long term deal for the network to remain on Comcast.

No details have been announced, but I'm hoping Comcast won this one. The NFL was being completely insane with their demands.

Anyhoo...back in April it didn't look like they were going to work it out. The network even ran a crawl across the screen every few minutes announcing the impending removal of the network from Comcast and urging everyone (via an innocous sounding website the crawl directed you to) to switch to Direct TV.

Comcast, in an effort to avoid thousands of sports tier customers (myself included) from dumping that tier the second the NFL Network went off the air (I guess Fox Sports Atlantic, the NHL Network and the Speed Channel aren't very big draws?), they offered subscribers either 6 free on-demand movies or free Starz for 12 months.

So to make a terrible story short(er), I took the free Starz and now the NFL Network is staying on Comcast. Awesome. I love free shit!

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