Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Marshall

He's not going to be suspended by the league for the incident with his girlfriend earlier this year.

This is great news. Unitl you consider that he's going on trial in GA later this month for the incident with his ex-girlfriend last season. What happens if he's found guilty?

"The pending case will be subject to review when appropriate," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. "The notification he received from our office applied only to the March 1 incident."

Awesome. More suspension drama. Also, he's about due for another police run-in. My money is on an armored-car robbery.

I'm really getting sick of this guy. Here's hoping he signs somewhere else the first chance he gets.


Jon Krause said...

hey i love the broncos and am gonna start up my bronco blog again this fall - if you can cut the swear'n and dont post any junk or cheerleaders crap i would like you to write for my blog this fall when i start it up again what do ya say?

give me an email:

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Thanks man, but I barely have the time (read: too lazy) to keep my own stink-blog up to date.

I haven't even posted anything for Bronco Talk in several months.