Monday, February 19, 2007

Dunk City

Fuck the all-star game. The West rolled...big fuckin' deal. The West set an assist record...big fuckin' deal. Carmelo's line was pretty solid (20pts on 10-15 shooting, w/ 9 rebounds), but again...big fuckin' deal. The NBA all-star game hasn't been relevant since '92, when Magic played and won the MVP after retiring at the start of the season due to his alleged HIV positive status. All-star games suck, no matter the sport. With the game in Vegas though, there was potential for disaster. Unfortunately, nobody got arrested or was seen falling-down annihilated in public. But, you have to wonder how many posses were out diggin' holes in the desert.

Everyone knows that the real event of all-star weekend is Saturday night. And lately, even that has become somewhat of a joke. With the inclusion of the pointless skills challenge that the biggest of NBA stars jogs through, the stupid "shooting stars" thing, the mid show concert, the lack of creativity w/ dunks and mid-level players winning the 3 point shootout

apparently skills challenges are bourgeois too, eh LeBron?

Seriously, it's been awful for the last few years. This year's dunk contest, however, was a thing of beauty. There were some very creative entries (except Tyrus Thomas. You can pick up your check now, asshole). This one by Dwight Howard was a fave:

I've never seen anyone do anything even remotely close to this. Just a fantastic dunk. He got screwed by the judges (a collection of the best dunkers in NBA history) and received the lowest score for the second round. An absolute hose job. Complete nonsense. Howard's 7ft+, so he's not going to win, especially when an overrated idiot 5'8" midget is the defending champ.

Anyway, by far and away, the winner of the night was Gerald Green of the Celtics. The kid has insane hops and had some very creative dunks. By far the most creative dunks I've seen for quite a while.

Anyway, here are the best one's from the night

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Bird said...

You have to admit though, it isnt the same without the "Birdman" spending 15min trying to slam one in the basket.