Monday, April 16, 2007

Fellas, last year I made 3 million dollars, but your 50 thousand was the most fun

Well, it's been a pretty fucked up day around the country. 32 confirmed dead and another 20+ wounded in the Va Tech shooting spree. I could make the requisite tasteless joke about Marcus Vick, but I'd rather go in another feel-goody direction.

I'm going to fire off a list of the top 5 Bronco games that I've seen in person and a quick snippet as to why each makes my list. I go to between 4 and 6 home games every year. I've been a Bronco nut-job since age 6 or so, but I've only lived in Denver for the last three or so years, so most of these are going to be from the last 4 seasons.

So, without any further ado, here's the bitch:

1. 2005 AFC Divisional Playoff (January 14, 2006): Broncos 27, New England 13. The first playoff game I've ever been to. First playoff game at the new digs. My brothers flew in from opposite coasts and my sister from Idaho to go to the game. The game itself wasn't anything to write home about, and it wasn't really exciting until Champ picked off Brady in the end-zone and took it 99 to the house (almost), but all in all, it was an excellent time. To this day, I hate hearing the bullshit about NE giving us the game, we took it motherfuckers. The following game (which I also went to) is on an entirely different list.

2. September 17, 2000: Broncos 33, Raiders 24. I lived in SF for three years, but this was the only game I ever went to in Oakland. Everything you've heard about Oakland fans is true, only tenfold. They're all thuggish, they all have prison tats, etc. The only gear I wore was a hat, but that still didn't deter the maniacs from tossing ice and coins at me, screaming in my face and "accidentally" spilling shit down my back (one idiot got shanked on Mt. Davis because he was dumb enough to bring an “Elway for President” sign). I had to take the hat off as I was leaving or the Violator would have picked me up and tossed me over the bridge leading back to BART. There's nothing better than pissed off Raider fans.

3. November 3, 2003: Broncos 45, KC 27. Clinton Portis goes apeshit w/ 218 rushing yards and a franchise record 5 TD's. Just insane. After getting pulled late in the fourth, Clinton busted out his championship belt and swaggered up and down the sidelines flexing his guns. This game led in part to Clinton demanding a pay raise and threatening to hold out, which unfortunately wrote him a ticket out of town. I miss that guy.

4. December 24, 2006: Broncos 24, Cincy: 23. Exciting game with the most insane ending I've ever seen. The words "It's a Christmas Miracle!" were on the jumbo-tron as soon as it was over. I was even able to get an "extra point!" chat going as we were walking down the ramps. Fun stuff. Again, the next week's game is on that shit list.

5. Tie: October 9, 2005: Broncos 21, Washington 19. October 30, 2005: Broncos 49, Philly 21. The 'Skins game was the absolute worst game I've ever been to, weatherwise. It was fuckin' pouring rain and it made everything an ordeal. I watched most of it from the concourse. It's on this list because that was the game they inducted Steve Atwater in the Ring of Fame. The Philly game is here because a) it was that douchebag TO's last game with the Eagles. He pissed away what was left of his good name (admittedly not much) because he got ass-reamed by the Donks. and b) because it was nice to see the insane number of asswipe Philly fans that were in attendance go home crying. Seriously, is there any team that has worse fans than Philly? I've never seen fans of an opposing team start as much shit in someone elses building than Philly's did. A bunch of them had a parking lot almost entirely to themselves and proceeded to beat on and throw shit at every Bronco fan that accidentally rolled into the lot. I saw several fistfights in the stands and saw some fucktard in a David Akers jersey throw ice or peanuts at someone on five separate occasions. He eventually got tossed.

So that's the list. Gimme yours in the comments. Good luck to everyone at Va Tech. That's some messed up shit.


La Rev said...

I've only been to two Bronco games; one was the KC game with Portis and the belt (which was awesome by the way), and the other was at Buffalo two years ago (which was damn freezing, by the way).
I think the NE playoff game is my favorite non-Super Bowl Bronco game ever. It must have been unbelievable to be there in person.
As for shit-lists, I'm pretty sure mine includes just about every game from last season.

Commish CH said...

Holy sh*t, I have no idea. It's making my head spin thinking of all the freaking games, beers, and lame opposing fans Ive attended/drank since I was knee-high to Gerald Wilhite. I might say the AFC playoff versus the Oilers, 1991. Not because of the miracle finish, but because I like to confuse young Bronco fans when I use the term "Oilers"

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Must have been nice Commish. I only got to see John play once and I only got to see one game at Mile High.