Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well done, Latrine.

It's official. David Kircus was arrested for 2nd degree assault. Now that's a class 4 felony, and if convicted, he could receive up to 6 years in prison. 6 years! Apparently he beat this dude so badly, the guy required facial surgery. As always, it appears the fight started because of some woman.

Shanahan's playing it down a little bit, saying stuff like:

"You don't know if a guy's defending himself, or the guy punches you, or throws a punch and does hit you" and "I'm going to let the due process take care of itself first and find out exactly what the situation is."

Kircus is more likely to get suspended under the leagues draconian, unfair and likely illegal new unwritten conduct policy than he is getting cut for this. Shanahan only cuts people because they cant get it done on the field, not because they beat the shit out of some dude at a fuckin' party. And I'll tell you what, he shouldn't even get that. I'm not sitting here trying to justify his actions, but arent the illegal new policies put in place for repeat offenders as opposed to first timers like Kircus?

We'll see how the wind blows on this one, but if the league suspends him for this, something needs to be done about der furher, Roger Goodell. The league should not be able to essentially end careers, which any lengthy suspension to Kircus will accomplish nicely, w/out any kind of due process for the players and an absolute joke of an appeals process. Man the fuck up NFLPA, and do it soon or you're going to turn into pre-Curt Flood baseball.

Your daily bitch about the local reporters comes to us today courtesy of Bill Williamson's inane Broncos Mailbag from the D-Post. I'm not linking to it because, fuck him. I'm not the only one who thinks the same way, check out some hate on Williamson here. Here's the offending question and answer:

Q: What does the signing of Brandon Stokley say about Rod Smith's job security? Since Smith, Stokley, Javon Walker and possibly Brandon Marshall won't play special teams this year, could Rod possibly be the odd man out? -- Joel Spencer, Aurora

A: I see Stokley and Smith competing against each other for the No. 3 receiver spot. Both are proven veterans. Both have their best years behind them. Both are coming off debilitating surgeries - Smith to the hip and Stokley to his Achilles.

First one to heal and show during the preseason he's closer to form gets a roster spot. I don't see them both making it.

Walker and Marshall should be the Broncos' top two receivers this year. Smith, Stokley or Domenik Hixon - who has been impressive in minicamp after missing his rookie season with his own injury issues - will be No. 3.

If the Donks decide Brandon Stokley is more important to this team than Rod Fucking Smith, I'll eat my hat. Yours too. And these sweaters and frisbees.

RETRACTION: Uh oh spaghetti-o's. I just realized that Mike Klis took over the mailbag duties from Williamson this week and those are his idiotic words above. I normally like Klis, but sheesh. Williamson still sucks though.


Commish CH said...

Im just not sold on Marshall being in on 85% of the plays right now. I know he has the talent, but an every down receiver and the Broncos blocking required. Tall order for Mr Marshall.

old no. 7 said...

I too think that everyone is placing too much responsibility on Marshall too soon. The list of receivers we thought could take over for Rod is long and undistinguished...

Hey Hercules, what's with the Fort Lewis link?

Hercules Rockefeller said...
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Hercules Rockefeller said...

I think Javon's already pretty much "taken over" for Rod. Now we need to find someone to take over for Eddie Mac. I hope Marshall's the guy. Hixon supposedly looked pretty good last week.

Old No. 7: That's the alma mater, baby. Go Skyhawks!

old no. 7 said...

FLC...that's good to hear. I also matriculated at the Fort, as did my brethren at the House of Georges (houseofgeorges.blogspot.com). We all worked for the Independent, when were you there?

I like the blog, dude. Once our Administrator gets back to America we'll definitely throw up a link.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

I was there from '94-'99. Every sport was a complete joke when I was there. I think the football team won like 4 games total in 5 years. Basketball wasn't much better. There was no baseball team. The mountain biking team was back-to-back Division I champs, though (wow).

I remember The Independent - one of their headlines made it onto that lame-ass Leno bit. It was something like "food fight was just students throwing food." They used to feud big-time with a buddy of mine that was running for Student Body Pres. too. Good fuckin' times.

Thanks for the compliment, man. I linked to you guys, too. I especially enjoy the hot ass pictures.