Monday, May 21, 2007

I realize that you and I have gotten off to a rather shaky start. But things don't have to stay that way. What do you say?

Injuries and (pending) arrests. Great way to kick off the season, eh?

Jay Cutler's bestest buddy in the whole world Tony Scheffler broke his ankle last Thursday. He'll have surgery today and is out for 2 months. They're expecting him back by the start of training camp, so he should be ok. But for his sake, he better make sure this doesn't linger and he's in camp at full strength. Shanahan won't hesitate to dump his ass on the IR if he feels he's not going to contribute this year, especially w/ Dan Graham now in the fold.

In much more bizarre news, David "Subway" Kircus is the subject of an assault investigation by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department. The alleged victim suffered "multiple broken facial bones". Ouch. Kircus was supposed to appear in a photo-lineup over the weekend. If he is identified as the attacker, charges are sure to be filed. If you were ranking guys on the team based on the likelihood that they would wind up a subject of an assault investigation, Circus has to be near the bottom of the list. I mean, look at this guy:

I might be able to kick his ass.

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