Friday, June 29, 2007

I just wanna tell you guys thanks for being here. Best day ever.

Numerically, next Saturday is the biggest day of the century. You see, next Saturday is July 7, 2007. 7/7/07. Trip 7's. You wont see this sequence again in your lifetime. As someone who has had an orange and blue 7 permanently etched into his upper right arm since 1996, this is a big deal.

JT & the boys over at Colorado Homers are campagaining to make 7/7/07 some type of official holiday, and I couldn't be any happier. They're urging everyone to contact Mayor Hickenlooper, Governor Ritter and other such government types to spread the word. They're also contacting various adult-beverage establishments throughout the metro area to locate a spot to celebrate the big day. My Denver Obsession is also getting in on the fun.

I too urge you to celebrate any way you know how. I'm going to toss on the bright orange throwback 7, pop in my tape of the 1998 playoff games and pour a bowl of Elway's Comeback Crunch. Then I'm going to get shitty drunk, re-live the good ol' days and spit in Dan Reeves' general direction.


Commish CH said...

Yo, Im gonna go with the tight blue Bike coach's shorts, gray half shirt, knee high tube socks, and blue high trucker hat. Old schoolers know that outfit from Elway's first minicamp in 83.

Ahh, the early 80's, the disco era's fashion bastard.

My Hero Zero said...

Best Day Ever or End of Days?

7/7/07 is also the date of the Paker-Longoria wedding. Based on that, I'd go with the latter.

Eh, but what do I know. May you be around in 77' to celebrate the quadruple-seven.

Denver Obsession said...

Sounds like you have a perfect Saturday planned! :)

I'm going to break out the ole #7 jersey myself... and as I'm in Knoxville Tennessee, I'll just pretend all of the Orange UT decoration are really in John's honor!

Remember: Tomorrow marks ONE week until 07/07/07!!!

JT said...

I haven't decided what I'm wearing as of yet, but I'm leaning towards my official old school baby blue Broncos helmet autographed by the legend himself. I have no idea if it actually fits on my head, so I may just be carrying it with me all day.

I've got an oversized Brian Griese jersey that I got from David Harrison that we can do some damage to also.