Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why even bother, McFly? You don't have a chance, you're too much like your old man

For some reason, the Donks signed four players from the now-defunct NFL Europa. CB Bill Alford, CB Kevin House, OL Emmanuel Akah and OL Cliff Washburn were the chosen ones. Out of this group, only Akah is even remotely interesting, and that's solely because he's British. Wot, wot? A bloomin' Brit? What’s all this then? I'm bloody brassed off at all these foreigners mucking about on my pitch.

I really don't get moves like this. All of these guys are likely to be part of the first round of cuts. Our own Europa guy, TE Teyo Johnson, has a monumental uphill battle just to make the team, so why bother signing four more? Do we really need more training camp bodies? It's starting to look like the Reeves' era when he would bring like 150 dudes into camp. These guys aren't even good candidates for the practice squad and Washburn doesn't even have any PS eligibility left. Seems a bit daft eh, guvnuh?

Enjoy your six weeks as Broncos, fellas.


Jo said...


I heard the phrase "eh, guvnug" in the movie Saved!. Do you know where it is originally from? It cracks me up!

If you have any idea, would you e-mail me? I would appreciate it! Thanks!

Jo said...

gah! my e-mail isn't showing up. it's frecklejuicy at gmail dot com.