Friday, August 31, 2007

Is this the gentleman who ruined the buffet at the Harrow club this morning?

So the club level is awfully nice. I know I beat the "hold my dick while I pee" joke (such as it was) into the ground, but it's not actually that far fetched. Fireplaces, giant TV's everywhere you look, very un-crowded bathrooms, three or four massive fully stocked mahogany bars, leather recliners and sofas, killer memorabilia on the walls, the absolute best food in the stadium (salmon!), you can buy alcohol until the end of the game, sickeningly hot women on the prowl for a sugardaddy like me, etc., etc.

Was it worth $310? Of course not. I could get used to the creature comforts and all, but that shit only distracts you from the real reason you're there, the game. I can see why people have such distaste for the "wine and cheese" club level crowd, they care not one whit about the game. They're there to be seen, and that's a little disgusting to me when the Broncos are involved.

Take me for an example, I was so caught up in the specter of it all (and so drunk off my ass) that I missed the entire second half. Missing an entire half of a game for a guy like me is blasphemous. Some friends were down in the south stands, so we headed down that-a-way at halftime and didn't go back up to the club level until about midway through the third, wherein we proceeded to slug beer after beer after beer and take in the sights while battles were raging for the critical 9th O-line and 5th wideout slots.

So it was a good time, I got wasted (We went out after and closed down Sputnik. I didn't think I'd make it in.....luckily the foreman here is shutting the factory down at 2:30 and I'll be able to go home and sleep it off a little) and apparently the Broncos dominated in the second half, so I guess that's good, but I won't sit in club level ever again. Well, at least not until I make my first million anyway.

By the way, Bucky Bronco, the horse on top of the south stands has a giant cock and balls. Everyone knows that the horse was made using the same mold for a statue of Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, but you might not know that it has a giant, well, horse cock and horse balls right there on the statue, staring you in the face. I first noticed it a couple of years ago when the Jets were in town, but I figured I'd mention it now. I couldn't find any pics of it online, but I'll be up there for the Raiders game in 2 weeks and I'll bring my camera.

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