Monday, August 27, 2007

No kids? Well, get yourself some kids.

Another week, another dogshit performance by the Broncos defense. This is starting to be more than a passing concern. They look god-awful. DJ Williams needs another month or so to be even decent in the middle. The pass rush got a little better and the secondary was a little better, but overall, the front seven seem to be regressing. I cant get over how bad DJ looks out there. He's a insane liability in coverage because he can't figure out which guy he's supposed to be covering. Apparently there was a reason he was out of the game on 3rd downs last year. I saw him blow a coverage assignment no less than four times on Sat., including a complete meltdown on the first play from scrimmage.

I'm still not sold on this Jim Bates system. It's become pretty clear that, at this point, no one is really sure of their role in it and we might not even have the personnel to run it.

Here's the rub of the D. It doesn't matter if their excellent or dominant or whatever. They just have to be mediocre. The old adage that defense wins championships is a bunch of horseshit. Excluding the '00 Ravens can you name another team that won solely because they had a dominant D? I cant. What I can do however is name you a bunch of teams that won because they had an unstoppable O with a mediocre or below average D . The list includes last years champs, the turn of the century Rams, both Broncos squads, etc.

The O looked decent, I guess. Cutler was mediocre, Javon dropped a couple of balls, etc. etc. Just general tightening up and they should be ok. If we can average around 28 pts. a game, we're a contender, if we're scoring 17-20 every game, we're in serious trouble.

Undrafted rookie RB Selvin Young looked frickin' excellent and may have done enough to make the final roster. If we do wind up cutting him, I don't think he'll clear waivers. It's similar to the Wesley Dukes situation a couple of years ago. You don't really want the guy on your final roster, but you're afraid that if you cut him in the hopes that you can re-sign him to the PS, some other team will snatch him up. You just know Kubiak will swoop in, since every former Bronco still in the league is now in Houston.

The real point of this post though is to point out that Travis Henry enjoys sleeping with women. Dude has nine children with nine different women. NINE children with NINE different women. Shawn Kemp, the poster child for athletes that father bastard children, only has seven kids with six women. Henry channels Tupac for a response:

"People can judge me all they want, but only God can judge me"

Nine of Amerikaz most wanted in the same motherfuckin' place at the same motherfuckin' time right, Travis? Look out Denver women of child bearing age, Travis Henry's in town, and you're gonna have his baby.


Unknown said...

I briefly heard about this on the way to work and was hoping that they were saying that Henry was one of nine kids...

I think the scary thing is, he's my age, 29 this year. Wrap that thing up Travis...

Hallux Valgus said...

Henry's starting to scare me. I also read that he had to borrow money from the titans to pay his child support, but he dropped a hundred and fifty gee's on jewelry.

@slushygutter said...

Maybe Travis' new nickname should be "The Rabbit"

"We're called jimmy hats, have you ever seen us?
Most guys wear us round rolled up on your penis" - Ice Cube

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Yeah, it's sucks to realize that your boys aren't as smart as they should be. And by smart I mean knowing shit they teach you in 6th grade health class.