Monday, October 22, 2007

Now, see that? That's the kind of winning attitude that's gonna take this enterprise straight to the top.

Finally. The D melted down in the second half and we pissed away a 14 point lead, but old man kicker nailed another one as time expired to give us the win.

I'm trying not to be too negative here, but the game wasn't perfect by any stretch. The D was pathetic in the second half, allowing Pitt to convert every third down (including several third and longs) and score on every possession in the later stanza. This after looking nearly dominant from about midway through the first quarter to the end of the half. We got pretty good pressure on Wafflebooger and forced a few turnovers and got a bunch of sacks, but if we didn't corral the mongoloid he was easily able to run for the first down or hit his insanely wide open outlet receiver for a huge gain.

The young D-Line looked great in that second quarter. Moss, Thomas, Crowder and Dumervil were very good (especially Dumervil - I don't care how short he is, Elvis is the real deal).

The O attack was varied and much improved in my view, even without Javon and a serious running game. The O-line looked good in pass protection, but left something to be desired in the running game.

Cut made a couple of brainless throws and nearly fumbled one away like he always does, but he showed off the cannon arm and had yet another game winning 4th quarter drive. Pretty impressive. We should still be OK when Henry gets official word that he's gone, just put the ball in the kids' hands and let him sling it.

Even the special teams was decent (except for Sauerdoughbrun's joke of an opening game kickoff).

So we got a season saving win in front of a national audience, but there are still some holes to address.

Are we back on track? Not yet....but we're close.


Commish CH said...

it's the type of win that would normally get everyone excited, but with team no one will be suprised if GB beats them by 3 tds next week.

Hallux Valgus said...

"The D melted down in the second half..."

The Prevent (the win) Defense needs to go away. Period. I have no idea why teams still run this. Why score quickly when we'll let you run the clock down and still score?