Friday, November 30, 2007

Al Davis is still alive...somehow.

It's Raider week, suckers. No matter what happens from here on out for the Donks, this is a must-win. Not "must-win" as in "we need to win this game to keep our pathetic playoff hopes alive." We have to win this fucking game because it's the Raiders...and I hate the Raiders. More than anything in the world I hate the Raiders. Here are some things I like more than those chumps from Baghdad by the Bay's bastard step-brother:

Getting punched in the face
Getting kicked in the groin
Taking a girl home only to discover a dick bigger than mine
People who stop for yellow lights
The Broncomania message boards
Live Free or Die Hard
Craig Ferguson
50 Cent's new album
Mark Kiszla

That's just a sampling....I could go on all day. You see, I hate the Raiders. Getting the season sweep over these silver and black clad ass-clowns would be almost as satisfying as the Broncos actually being good.....almost.

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