Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playin' the blame game

So, who gets the lions share of the blame for the idiotic special teams failures last Sunday? The coaches or the players? Shanahan or Sauerbrun? So far this week, I haven't read at the D-Post or the RMN and I haven't watched The Mike Shanahan Show or John Lynch Live. I haven't tivo'd any of the pressers like I usually do. I just don't care to hear any explanations and I can't bear (ha!) to watch any of the fucking highlights. It was that embarrassing.

So who's to blame? Shanahan, Sauerbrun or O'Brien? Everyone's saying Shanahan. My knee-jerk reaction was known steroid abuser Sauerbrun and that hasn't changed.

The first return was defensible. OK fine, he took one back. That's what he does. He's the best ever. The second return was definitely not defensible. I have serious doubts that Shanny, O'Brien or anyone in their right mind would say "OK, go ahead and kick one high and deep down the middle of the field to this guy again." It was probably more like "Fine, kick away...but you better make damn sure you put that fucker between the numbers and the sideline." You saw the look Shanny gave him after the second return. That look said "you should consider yourself lucky I don't toss your drunk, roided up ass off the charter flight at 30,000 feet." There was pure hate in that look. There's no way Shanny authorized that kick. If somewhere in the articles and pressers it says that it was his idea to kick away to Hester, I don't buy it. He's not the type of coach to sell out one of his players in the media like that. He'll take the blame until the day he dies.

Not to say that Shanny is completely pure in this game. It was idiotic to go into a prevent on that last drive when your base D had been pretty much dominant the entire game. His red-zone playcalling was a joke too.

So yeah, I'm blaming Sauerbrun. Get fucked, Todd.

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Commish CH said...

tough for me to blame Sour Bum, there's 10 other dudes onthat team and on one return they are already on the sidelines it looks like. Ugh.