Tuesday, November 20, 2007

But then nobody's perfect... almost nobody

Fuckin' sweet. I got to witness this beauty from section 530 last night. It was probably the most fun I've had at a game since the playoff win over NE in '05. Big plays. Big excitement. Big win.

This was far and away Cutler's best game of his career. He only wound up with 200 yards, but what made it so good was his 76% completion rate, his 137.0 passer rating, his 2 TD's and his 0 INT's. The kid didn't make a mistake the entire night. Not one. Well done, son. If you can string a couple of these bad boys together we might be back in business. I was obviously a little premature in calling them finished a couple weeks back. At the time, SD was looking like they were starting to turn it around, but since then they've lost back to back games and the Donks are now your AFC West division leaders. Insane.

Glenn Martinez is indeed, The Truth. First punt return for a TD since 2003? Truthy! I'm conveniently forgetting the muffed punt here.

Can we all agree that Ian Gold is fuckin' terrible? The lucky-bounce fumble recovery and the gimme INT don't make up for the fact that he missed a half dozen tackles and was out of position countless times. I used to love Ian. Loved him. Now I've had it with him. He's been terrible all year long. It's time to say goodbye.

I loves me some Josh Mallard. Dude was flying all over the field making plays. High motor guy. The guys we've picked up off the street in the last few weeks have been excellent (Mallard, Kenny Peterson). Mallard should be starting over Sam Adams. Hell, I should be starting over Sam Adams (Shanny looked like he was going to flat out murder Adams after that encroachment penalty).

The D still needs to get better. VY was torching us all night. Don't be fooled by the rush yards allowed...if they weren't down two scores most of the night that number would've been much higher. If they don't drop a ton of passes and turn the ball over 3 times, this game is much closer.

Nice to see Demetrian Veal have a good game. Never should have let him walk.

Classless move by Marshall pointing at the DB on his TD catch. Great player, terrible citizen.

Shanny's time out shenanigans came back to bite him in the ass. Hopefully that'll be the last time we see that bit of nonsense.

Chicago's up next. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going.


Commish CH said...

Martinez is slow isn't he? Tennessee must be running in molasses, because from my view in Section 107, he looked like he was in slo-mo.
Great win though, the DLine is just funky this year with the retreads and signings.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Is he slow? I didn't catch that.

Mr. Fancy-Pants seats, eh?