Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Siskel and Ebert caught my show. They gave me one finger up.

And....boom goes the season. We're finished. Stick a fork in the motherfucker. Barring some kind of miracle scenario, we're done.

Who do you blame? Jim Bates? Shanny? Bowlen, for letting Shanny run roughshod with no accountability? Scott O'Brien? Heimerdinger? Kubiak? Who gives a fuck? What does it matter at this point? They're all culpable to some extent. It's the same old shit over and over and over: The D can't stop the run or get pressure on the QB and the O can't punch it in the end-zone. Sound familiar? It's the same garbage we've been saying about this team for the last two seasons. Nothing's changed, even with the complete gutting of the roster and the coaching staff. There's not even any improvement. If anything, they're regressing.

The Defense was a complete failure on Monday. They turned some fucking clown named Ryan Grant into Barry Sanders. They couldn't get any pressure on Favre at all and let him run wild on what was supposedly the best CB tandem in the NFL. Look, Dre Bly flat out sucks. I'll say it now. He's been beaten like a fuckin' mule all year (except for the Pitt game). I've held my tongue, but Bly has been a downgrade from Darrent. Champ hasn't been very good either. Maybe that's the quad injury, but whatever. He's not the same player he was last year. Don't even get me started on the safeties.

At this point, I'm sort-of hoping they lose out. Finishing 8-8 or 7-9 is worse than finishing 3-13 in my opinion. 3 wins is good (bad) enough to get us a top 3 draft pick, which we should then use on the best available defensive lineman. A .500 record puts us in the middle of the pack and based on our pathetic draft record, gets us a middling player.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still pull for wins, I'll still go to the games I've got a ticket for (every remaining home game), but I'm not expecting anything good from these guys. We've been reduced to the role of "spoiler" and that makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

At least the Nugs kick it off tonight.

Update: I think the Donks killed Robert Goulet

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Commish CH said...

Brah, that last game versus Minny could be a "sellout" but only 50K in the stands if this keeps up.

Yeah, Ryan Grant. say it people: Ryan Grant. Sounds like some dude on 'The Young and the Restless'