Monday, November 12, 2007

How do I slow this down, I should hit her on the head?

How about that? It was nice to finally watch a game that we had salted away by the start of the fourth, especially in menstruating Arrowhead, but lets not get too carried away.

Defense: Yeah, the D looked better, but considering the opponent, they would be hard pressed to look worse. KC's offense is terrible, much more terrible than our D is, and we're still pretty terrible. Everyone on the D looked better (w/ the LB's having their best game of the year, by far), but again...KC is frickin' awful on that side of the ball, especially their O-line. I'm not sure how much stock you can put in this game in terms of the D having "turned the corner." Wow, we stopped the worst QB(s) in the league (Minny may be worse) AND the oldest starting tailback in league (even though Priest was still pretty effective and they basically quit running midway through the third) ? Great.

Offense: If you're looking for a "turning the corner" unit, this is it, despite a mediocre game from Cut. The O-Line was excellent which lead to Selvin Young being excellent. Fuck Travis Henry. Pops has hopefully already played his last game for us. Excellent play calling from Shanny yesterday. His best game of the year. He was fairly creative and pretty much devoid of trickery and guile. Classic Shanny. Hopefully he won't resume over-thinking everything from here on out.

The thing is, everyone was saying all this shit after the Pitt game, and they answered with two straight terrible losses. How they go forward from here will determine if they've turned the corner. Lose at home to overrated Tenn? You're back to square one.

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