Friday, November 9, 2007

Does the word retarded mean anything to you?

Well, he's done it. Dipshit D-Post columnist Woody Paige has finally gone off the deep end. He's penned the worst column in the history of the printed word. I don't even understand what he's trying to say here, but it has about 50 one-sentence paragraphs. It's apparently about how crappy the AFC West is, but I'm still not sure. Here's a little snippet of the insanity:

AFC Worst: Teams of the Santa Fe trail (by five games). Route 66, Broncos 7.

Exsqueeze me? A baking-powder? You're a goddamn comedy goldmine you ass grabbin, sexual harasser, you.

As for the game, lets try and not embarrass ourselves out there, ok? I'm not asking for much. Just don't lose by 30.

UPDATE: So long, you piece of shit mercenary asswipe. Good riddance

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