Monday, December 31, 2007

At Least

It's over. Our five-month nightmare is finally over. The Broncos jumped on the Vikings yesterday, pissed away a 16 point lead w/ 5 minutes left in the game, got lucky and Elam kicked a 30 yarder in OT to win it. Sound familiar? It should...except for the winning part of course.

It's time to fire off the "At Least" list:

At least I was personally 4-0 this year at Donk games. That's right, I saw a full 67% of the teams wins this year live and in person.
At least I was able to get my car back last night after it got towed from 19th and Grove. Do not park west of Federal near the stadium w/out a forged resident permit.
At least I bought a sweet-ass Elway Stanford jersey yesterday
At least we swept KC
At least we didn't get swept by the NFC North
At least we didn't finish w/ double digit losses
At least we beat two playoff teams
At least Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Elvis had decent seasons
At least DJ Williams improved significantly
At least Travis Henry only knocked-up one woman this season, down from his previous low of four
At least Sauerbrun is gone for good....maybe
At least Jim Bates will get fired....maybe
At least John Lynch will retire...maybe
At least we scored against SD
At least we played decent (for a little while anyway) against Indy
At least we found another pretty good undrafted free agent RB

Football, you're dead to me now. Fuck the Pats, Colts, Chargers, Steelers, Jags and Titans. Fuck the Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks, Bucs, Giants and Skins. Fuck all their fans, too. Especially those in Boston and Shitsburgh. I don't give a rat-fuck about any team that isn't my own. I might watch the AFC Championship (the Pats losing to Indy would be delicious) and the SB, but that's about it.

I'll have a best-of, worst-of list up sometime this week.

Happy New Year and GO NUGGETS!


Commish CH said...

Did you hear Williamson on 950? He doubted Bates would come back; said Slowik basically ran the D anyway- lots of ego issues with Bates.

I always enjoy the playoffs, but Im looking forward to turning my full attention to some hoops. If anyone says anything about the garbage that is Arena FB, I'll puke.

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